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About Unbroken


Founded in august 2010 by ex members of Arachnid, Unbroken is a casual raiding guild on the EU Aggramar server.

Our aim is to have agood time and enjoy our online time while raiding. Our goals are reached by being a unity rather than acting like individual members. 

What we expect from our members:

We expect from our members to be mature and to respect people both inside and outside guild.
We expect our raiders to be fully focused during our raids and to play their class the best they can.
We expect our raiders to be ready and online on invite time - prepared with flasks / pots / food.



We are currently 8/8 normal and 8/8 heroic.

Our 10man team is enjoying the new challenges as well as the excitement of a solid progression.

We have enjoyed the challenges Cataclysm offered and have completed Dragon Soul Heroic (8/8). We are now looking forward to the new adventures in MoP. Our raids are on mondays and thursdays from 19:45 - 23:00, and on sunday we're having alt runs. If you can raid these days maybe we are just the place for you!

Please, see below and left the classes we are currently recruiting.

Best regards,

Izz and Star

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